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We provide clear, effective and personalised strategy to progress legal matters accross a range of practices.

Our Mission

Land Compensation

To provide first class representation to achieve fair and just resolution of claims

Property Rights

An experienced and dedicated team of solicitors with expertise relating to property rights, land takings, reservations and disputes

Local Government

To provide sound advice, strategy and robust representation in both civil and criminal matters

Extensive Experience

With extensive experience acting both for and against local governments, we have a uniquely detailed understanding of how to progress legal matters

Town Planning

To provide sound strategies to achieve practical solutions in matters of Town Planning, Development Approvals and Sub-Divisions

Land Transactions

Proven track record in all manner of town planning issues, including subdivision, structure plans, development approvals, adverse possession, restrictive covenants, easements, contribution schemes


To assist with matters of compliance through to prosecution, enabling a swift process


Handling breaches of various legislation, regulations and local laws, our experienced staff are well versed in a variety of scenarios


To address environmental issues with careful attention and diligence required to reach workable solutions

Complex Questions

Achieving success and results for our valued clients by getting to the bottom of complex questions and finding effective strategies to address every circumstance


To assist businesses reach their goals by providing clear and effective strategies and approach to complex legal scenarios


By cutting through the jargon and constantly striving for continuous results and success

Wills & Estates

To assist clients to manage their affairs through careful estate planning and Will preparation


Assisting families with probate applications and administration of estates

Practice Areas

Benefits of boutique

Bigger is not always better!  We are a small team doing big things. 
Our team of passionate and dedicated solicitors are friendly, approachable and accessible, always striving for the best outcomes for our valued clients.

Our Team

We are a team of high committed and experienced lawyers able to provide personalised advice and practical solutions

Andrew Carr

Andrew Carr

Tim Houweling

Tim Houweling

Bronwyn Waugh

Bronwyn Waugh