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“The ever-changing climate of the environmental law domain is one filled with legal complexity and regulatory intricacies. We want to be your trusted guide through the process.”

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We get it. The environmental law landscape in Australia is complicated terrain. It is something we see every day, and we know what it takes to walk through the road of environmental law. This is why we take pride in being your guides.

The environment is an imperative element to consider for both developers and authorities and requires a deep understanding and sound experience to navigate. At Cornerstone Legal, we are environmental lawyers who can help you with a diverse range of matters in Australia including, environmental approvals, wetlands and waterways, due diligence, contaminated sites, and waste levies.

Whether you are eager to apply for development approval, are wanting to navigate the issues surrounding contaminated land and its remediation, understand environmental reservations, or obtain general advice on rights and issues; our team of dedicated and experienced environmental law solicitors is here for you.

Our team understands that environmental issues are of critical concern in all planning and land development projects. This is why our team of environmental lawyers makes it our priority to guide you through all the aspects of Australian State and Federal environmental laws that might impact you and your project.

Leaving no stone unturned – environmental assessments and approvals

From beginning to end, we advise you on obtaining all the needed environmental approvals. As environmental lawyers you can trust, we guide clients through the Environmental Impact Assessment process for projects that may significantly impact the environment. Through the years, we have helped clients obtain clearing permits, water license works approvals, licenses for prescribed premises advised clients on vegetation conservation notices, environmental protection notices, closure notices, and prevention notices both at the negotiation stage and to mount challenges through the Court.


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Advising clients on the environmental law requirements surrounding waste and landfills

Whether you are a public authority, landowner, or site operator – you deserve an environmental lawyer in Australia who has your back and stands in your corner. Our team can guide you through compliance, navigating regulatory bodies, and seeking approvals for waste projects. We can also advise on potential issues and environmental liabilities at hand. Our environmental lawyers can guide you on matters involving the transportation and disposal of waste along with hazardous and dangerous goods.

Representing clients through environmental prosecutions

If you need to be represented by an environmental lawyer in Perth, we are here for you. We understand that being investigated or being charged with an environmental prosecution is a complex situation. Our experience has seen us represent the interests of individuals who have been charged with unlawfully clearing native vegetation. We have defended clients who were charged with pollution, contamination, and non-compliance with environmental conditions. Regardless of your situation, our environmental lawyers have got your back.

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Guiding clients through the environmental law hurdles of contaminated sites

Our environmental lawyers know our way through the windy round of contaminated sites. This environmental concern comes with a need for in-depth legal knowledge and a thorough understanding of regulatory issues that might arise. At Cornerstone Legal, we conduct due diligence on site selection, undertake searches on the contaminated site, and advise on the risks of developing on a suspected or confirmed contaminated site. You can have peace of mind knowing that you will always place your best foot forward, equipped with the most tailored environmental law advice.

Sustainability is the future – providing sound environmental law advice on climate change

As we all know, going green is the future. But what does that mean from an environmental law standpoint? Whether you are eager to facilitate a renewable energy project seamlessly without any legal implications, or you are eager to respond to climate change issues through your development project – our team has got you covered. At Cornerstone Legal, our environmental solicitors can advise on the full spectrum of climate change policy issues, legislation, and initiatives, as well as guiding you through regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, our environmental lawyers can additionally undertake the following responsibilities:

  • Bilateral agreements
  • Recovery plans
  • Navigating through national environmental laws
  • Working with the relevant government bodies and environmental ministers
  • Advising on best practices for environmental protection and biodiversity conservation
  • Advising on the intricacies surrounding heritage sites

When you come to us with your environmental law matter, we will relentlessly work to get you the best possible outcome – because you deserve just that.

For more information, including tips for best practices surrounding environmental law in Australia, get in touch with our team of environmental lawyers in Perth. We are accredited in environmental law and have guided numerous clients through incredibly complex environmental and planning law matters. Chat to us today!