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Land Compensation Lawyer Perth

This is your time. Your voice needs to be heard through adequate legal representation. We are a land compensation law firm who wants to see justice for your situation.

cornerstone legal

The attachment we have to our land is indescribable. The thought of that being jeopardised is unimaginable. We understand that takings of land are a legal minefield that we can help you with.

The aptitude of a land compensation lawyer requires a thorough understanding of environmental, town planning and engineering aspects surrounding a land case. Our Director, Tim Houweling, has acted in several major land compensation cases in Perth and Western Australia.

Navigating land compensation cases that include takings and injurious affection, are our main area of focus. Our team continues to play a part in significant land compensation cases in WA. We have experience advising both landowners as well as local governments and major government planning agencies. This has enabled us to understand both sides of the story and thus enables us to provide perspective from all aspects of a land compensation claim.

If you have a land compensation claim in Perth that you need taken seriously, our team is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in Western Australia. We will guide you through the processes to ensure that you receive the true compensation for your land.

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What now?

The process can seem complicated and challenging and you deserve answers.

  • How will I know my property or land is being acquired? You will receive a ‘Notice of Intention to Take” from the Acquiring Authority.
  • What happens if the Acquiring Authority goes ahead with the acquisition? You will then receive a Taking Order. You will need to immediately draft and lodge a claim for compensation.
  • Did you know that you do not have to accept an offer? You will be able to instead accept the offer as an advance payment. You should obtain an independent valuation and legal advice for your claim and negotiations. It is crucial to understand your rights and the factors surrounding your steps forward.
  • So, what happens if you cannot come to an agreement with the Acquiring Authority? You are able to take the matter to Court or the State Administration Tribunal. Most matters settle at meditation.

There are several aspects to be considered when working through a land compensation claim. Fairness is something you deserve. We are here to make the process as effortless as possible. Let us help you find your way back home.