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Town Planning Lawyer Perth

The realm of town planning within Perth can be complex and filled with uncertainty. Together with our sister firm, Cornerstone Town Planning, we are here to help you navigate the world of Town Planning with confidence.

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cornerstone legal

We are at the forefront for legal advice in town planning matters within Western Australia. Our planning and development lawyers are well-equipped to guide you through the intricacies that come with this area of law.

Whether your development has been refused, you require assistance with structure plans, would like to make an appeal to State Administrative Tribunal, require development approvals or are eager to submit a subdivision application – our team wants to ensure your situation is looked after.


Having practiced in the area of town planning law, we focus on:

  • Subdivision
  • Refusals from development applications
  • Environmental constraints on land
  • Notices issued under the Planning and Development Act

Our team will represent you from day one – we are planning and environmental lawyers who care.